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Pipe Hitters Union HunterSeven Shirt

Pipe Hitters Union

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The badasses over at Pipe Hitters Union (PHU Site) wanted to help the HunterSeven Foundation cause however they possibly could.. so, they made us a badass t-shirt, simple yet to the point.

The front of the shirt has a Spikes Tactical type AR-Pistol, Magpul Stock, angled foregrip and an EoTech sight. Pretty badass, with Hunter Seven along the top.

Right sleeve has the American Flag (of course) and the HunterSeven.org site. The left sleeve, we requested that PHU puts their logo, why? Because they are a SOF-veteran owned company that supports veteran-ran nonprofits and wants to be a part of the solution. So huge thank you to the PHU team!

On the back is the quote "Knowledge is Power, Information is Liberating; Education is the premise of progress in every society..." - we use this quote specifically because in our line of work and research, knowledge IS power. Information can be quite liberating with enough momentum and education is the premise and foundation of progress. We need to know, we need to get that information out and we need to educate in order to create change in our society.

Brand: Men's Next-Level Apparel 3600 (runs on tighter side)

Pre-orders will close 19 FEB 2020 at 13:00 EST.

Shipment will begin shortly after along with some sweet H7F stickers and stickers from our sponsors as well!

For every shirt bought, you'll get one entry into a (3) winner drawing. Each winner selected will receive a limited edition HUNTER7 VivaLaIraq Coin with the same quote on the back (Made by ChallengeCoins4u)